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First few Days

Location: Gent, Belgium

Here are a few pics of my first few days here, and the people that I have met.. as I like to call 'instant friends' :) Oh - and in case you were wondering 'Gent' is the Dutch spelling and 'Ghent' is the English, so excuse me if I use both - the languages here are slightly confusing!

More castle views

The view from the very old castle in the middle of Gent that we went to on 'Welcome Day'

I live in one of those houses in the distance!

These are some of the people I have been hanging out with

Claudio (Italian), Julia(Spanish) and Andreas (Swedish) on the otherside of the table at the ESN pub

Gina (American/living in Sweden for the last 8 years), me and Francesca from Italy at the Exchange student pub at the end of welcome day.

Gina, Giuseppe, Claudio and Francesca

Flemming (Danish), Julia, Andreas, Gina, Giuseppe (Italian), Claudio, Francesca and a hideous photo of me at a small pub on the main student party street - there are at least 80 pubs/bars/clubs in a row on this street!