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Christmas in Germany & Belgium

Location: Dusseldorf & Krefeld & Gent, Germany

One of the stalls with handcrafted nativity scene objects

Valerie eating a pretzel at the Dusseldorf Christmas Market

Merry Christmas..?! I pass this shop on the way to my tram stop....

The Christmas Market at Gent

The silver thing on the right is a public urinal - they are all over the city (girls are completely left out) and you can see half of the guys body! The Design Museum is the building behind and they created this giant roll of toilet paper in tribute to the urinal...

The law faculty - I don't actually have class here - just exams

poor Francesca... she's on the bottom....

clockwise from top: Francesca, Francesco, Giuseppe, Daniele, Danilo and me making a pyramid at the Christmas party :)