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Scenes of Mongolia

Location: Mongolia

These are some pictures from the last few weeks in Mongolia. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for following us on our adventure and we should have more soon. Miss you all...

An incredible view. In the forground are the horses that we rode for a day.

Marisa and yours truly in the Mongolian countryside.

Our classroom which is also the local Buddhist monestary.

A camel that licked some salt from my hand.

Lake Hovsgol. The second largest freshwater lake in the world.

A little white reindeer I was lucky enough to get some time with. Incredibly soft.

Travis, Marisa, and you know who on a magical morning in Northern Mongolia.

The Ger we spent a night in. You can see the little stove inside that kept us alive...

A warm welcome we discovered in the city. Look closely...

Some Mongolian children I befriended and taught how to play frisbee. The little girl looks better in my glasses than I do.

The drivers of the vans we spent 10 days in. They are amazing people. One of them I wrestled several times. The other I ran away from a few times...

One of our campsites.