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More Mongolia and Life In UB

Location: Mongolia

Here are some more photos. Some are pictures that were requested about the road trip and others are life in Ulaan Bataar, which we thought you may be interested in, too. Many more to follow.

Travis and I loitering in rural Mongolia.

Hanging out in front of the Monestary before class.

The Men's room sleeping chamber. We call it the 'Manwich'. That's 5 beds there. 5 more are opposite. Yeah, it's cozy...

This is the hostel we're staying in. Last night there was no water. Today there was no power. Other than that it's a nice place.

Marisa on a horse, obviously.

Once and a while we have a good meal. This time we all ate together.

Nima feeding animals. He does this a lot. Notice the solar panel in the background next to the Ger. It powers their tv...

Me on a horse. One of the few times we weren't galloping across the steppe together trying to take over the world...again...

One of the many ovos that are in Mongolia. The blue is significant of the Mongolian blue sky and one of the Buddhist colors.

Music on the go.

I decided to try a competitor slightly more my size...and age...

Here's me wrastlin with the driver. Look closely and you can see me flashing the horns for the camera. He took the opportunity to pick me up and throw me to the ground. He's 35...