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Images of Xian.

Not so ferocious, but they are thousands of years old..

Terra Cotta warriors. Look how ferocious they are...

The group taking a rest.

The red hats I promised. I took maybe 8 pictures of them. Couldn't get enough.

A neat alley I spotted.

Candle burning at the Wild Goose Pagoda. O'Malley and Dan Bradley featured.

The Market at night.

A Muslim merchant and her cat. The place smelled terribly of cat piss, but it is a good picture.

Travis and me joining the lion in his quest for...something... We look rather ridiculous.

Another night shot. That's the Southern Gate of the city wall in the background. That's up where we rode bikes for the evening.

People cooking in the streets.

Marisa and hands... No explanation needed.