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Location: kyoto, Japan

Photos from our time so far in the land of the rising sun.

Travis on his little tiny bike that folds up into a suitcase.

Marisa and I on our bikes, complete with baskets. Sometimes I think they (the Japanese) know I'm not a native... not sure how.

People meditating on the scene.

The Zen garden with fall colors.

Fog and mist on a rainy day.

A tree with red leaves.

People at parade with their shoes off while standing on bench. Keep this place clean.

Kids with orange hats. I can't get enough of the colored hats.

Gravestones we came upon. There were thousands of them. They bury just the ashes, you see. It's an island; space is limited...and they're Buddhist...

A temple we visited.

The two of us in a rickshaw. Too bad there wasn't anyone around to pull us anywhere... Nice view though.

Our bike trip to Asuka. Notice Travis on his little tiny bike in the foreground. He makes me laugh.