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India (continued)

Location: Mysore, India

Some more pictures of India, including the cutting the mane off of Travis that we've all grown to love.

Clothes, drying on the line. Hopefully UPS appreciates the free publicity.

The Dhavanyaloka Center where we've been staying for the past two weeks.

Travis, looking slightly discouraged.

I had the privelage of taming the lion this past week. My first time giving a haircut, ever... It was, though, followed by several more.

Final product. He seems... pleased, and looks a bit like Mr. Tumnus.

The mullet I fashioned for him.

Street view. Those are the little taxis we ride around in.

The cobra that the snake charmer (foreground) brought for us to see. It was about 5 or 6 feet long.

Another. Turns out there is no color when you look East for some reason...

Shot of Mysore from our back balcony.

The next evening. We've been lucky to have such nice sunsets; the garbage they burn everyday seems to help.

Sunset one evening.