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New Zealand

Location: New Zealand

Pictures from our Spring break trip to the southern hemisphere.

Our beloved rental moving home. And us...

Our sushi dinner. Travis and I each ordered a party platter, to which the waitress said, "No. Too much." We insisted. 50 some pieces each.

Group photo after our cave adventure.

Travis acted before Bre could react and I got a funny picture out of the ordeal. Bre has a good laugh about everything...

In front of ocean. Travis spontaneously jumped into Bre's arms.

New Zealand scenery.

Marisa and I dressed in our Tibetan clothing in front of a waterfall.

Marisa on the beach.

Dad and me on porch.

Camping spot one night. Couldn't have asked for more. It was perhaps the most beautiful place I've ever been.

Group shot before heading back to Asia.

View from the house.