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be a tourist in your own city

Location: London, UK

Mike here.
The title of the page is from a marketing campaign encouraging people to stay in London and spend money rather than going abroad to whatever place is fashionable at the moment. Place de jour seems to be Bulgaria.

The view from zero degrees longitude

This is the bridge Arizona thought they were buying.

move in meter reading

First visitor, died minutes later. be warned!

If you don't look up you might miss something

Claire on the millennium bridge before st.pauls

Haven't done this since i was about 12. it was fun.

London eye from below

Covent Garden

The flat was filled with the not pleasant but not entirely unpleasant smell of burning pumpkin.

The big entrance hall at the Tate Modern. Went to see Rouseau show afterwards

no that's not apple juice, and i didn't even get sick.