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Location: Petra, Wadi Rum & Aqaba, Jordan

These are photos taken during 2 days walking in Petra. The Treasury is the large temple that Mike and I are standing in front of, look how small we are. Can you believe that these were sculpted out of the rock. Also, check out the colours in the rock. Pictures from our night in the desert (next day!) at Wadi Rum and the chaos at the port in Aqaba Jordan.

8 Mar 2006, 9:14AM

Some idea of how large the amphitheatre is!

8 Mar 2006, 9:13AM

Us standing above the Amphitheatre, that was carved out of the rock face.

8 Mar 2006, 11:28AM

The Monastary. 850 steps up!! and that's after walking for an hour to get to the steps.

8 Mar 2006, 9:17AM

colours from various minerals in rock

8 Mar 2006, 1:50PM

More tombs from a distance.

8 Mar 2006, 11:48AM

Somewhere in the mountain in Petra.

8 Mar 2006, 2:29PM

This is the view as you walk through the Canyon.

8 Mar 2006, 2:23PM

The Treasury. Can you see us in front? We waited until the end of the day when most of the tourists had gone! Bloody tourists!!

10 Mar 2006, 5:57AM

View of the camp. Quite luxurious, with our own beds inside these large tents.

10 Mar 2006, 5:56AM

Wadi Rum. The day after camping. The night before we were in a sand storm and Jo was a bit sick. We think it was from the crazy Bedouin man's crazy desert 4wding.

10 Mar 2006, 12:13PM

Chaos at the Port in Aqaba. These people have off loaded their belongings from the boat, then unloaded them to go through customs and then reloaded. Some time before this, they would have been clambering on top of a large cage, piled high with bags, bikes and tvs, to find their luggage!

10 Mar 2006, 8:24AM

Us with Osama our tour guide and Karen, Aussie girl from the Gold Coast. Yes I have been enjoying the local foods!!