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Egypt - Pyramids and Feluccas

Location: Giza and Aswan, Egypt

Second day in Egypt was our trip out to the Pyramids. There had been a sandstorm so unfortunately not great weather for great photos.
Took the overnight train to Aswan and then the next afternoon boarded our feluccas for a 2 day trip down the Nile to Kom Ombo.
More photos to come soon.

26 Feb 2006, 10:09AM

Suckered into the Camel ride of course. Nah, Jo just wants to do "everything".

26 Feb 2006, 8:49AM

It's that huge ancient monument like thing that you might have read about. Some better photos of it coming soon.

26 Feb 2006, 11:12AM

Sphynx's Head

26 Feb 2006, 11:03AM

Sphynx's bum

28 Feb 2006, 2:02PM

Top of 2 Felucca Sails. More photos to come soon.

26 Feb 2006, 2:08PM

Jo reunited with her husband after being sold to a local for 10,000,000 camels. Only stopped for a photo and the guy insisted I stand between him and the donkey. Next minute he's picked me up and flung me on the donkey's back and before I know it I trotting along on this crazy, braying animal. Of course then we had to pay for the experience! Fleeced Again!!

1 Mar 2006, 6:31AM

Nubian House that we visited during our first night of mooring.

28 Feb 2006, 2:31PM

The 3 feluccas used by the group. Stopped for a loo (find a private bush) run.

1 Mar 2006, 6:24PM

Our multi-talented Felucca Captains. The guys are Nubians and not only were we treated to their Nubian cooking and hospitality on the boats, but their muscial talents too. Good fun!!

1 Mar 2006, 6:33AM

Water jug outside Nubian house. These are along the road sides, particularly in rural areas. For thirsty travellers. The "cup" is a soft drink can with a handle added.

15 Mar 2006, 12:09PM

Not what you expect to see at the end of the street.

15 Mar 2006, 12:00PM

Photo of pyramids from Cairo city. This was taken on our last day in Egypt. Clearer skies this day.