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Inishnee July 2006

Location: United Arab Emirates

A few photos of our 3 month trip to Inishnee to stay with Mike's family.

Looking at the house from a distance

The King's castle on the island of Inishnee. The kids have loved the grass and outdoor space!

Claire, Aidan and I rugged up for sitting outside on a summers afternoon with the aunties! Antoinette is on the left and Mary on the right.

The first morning we arrived and Claire was reunited with her Granny

First trip to the beach to sun ourselves! However, we did have a heatwave later on and were able to brave swimwear and a splash at the beach

Enjoying a picnic and wine out the back of the house by the water. Claire sick of photos by this stage!

Claire exploring rock pools with Grandad at the bottom of one of the fields

Meeting Mike's cousin, Caroline and her 2 children, Jessica and Jacob who are both a few months older than Claire and Aidan.

Claire in one of her rare moments of being nice to her little brother!

Claire with her grandparents and the 2 dogs.

Giving the tame sheep some biscuits. Hector is Claire's favourite.

Claire feeding a neighbouring mare and her foal