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return to Dubai

Location: United Arab Emirates

Came back to Dubai on Sept 8. These photos are from our first few weeks back

Thought Aidan was staying in Australia. Not too sure about having him in the Dubai flat and especially sharing dad with Aidan!

Claire loved getting reacquainted with all her toys.

Love the arabian chocolate custard here too!

But look mum, Aidan might be more fun than I thought - he fits into my dolls pram nicely!

The summer heat can be really exhausting - cooked dinner and came out to find both sound asleep!

Move over Aidan, these toys are mine.

take a look at my great physique now - my skinny limbs are starting to pad up nicely and my belly is something to be proud of!

Not sure about that silver camera thing

My biceps are developing nicely too and one day soon Claire you will pay for all those rough pats you give me!

do you like my side profile?

Feeling a bit small here people and that scary silver thing has appeared again to blind us.

You may laugh Claire but I have plans for you!