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Location: Costa Rica

I apologize for the graphic nature of some of my photos. In actuality, they are not mine but stolen from a friend:)

Ian with his costume sign. He was very proud of it! It said Durango Daddy`s Escort Service...Inquire Within. Very high class!

The whole crew...Ian as our pimp and Jenna and I as call girls. Do you like the tin foil colones necklace? It`s funny that both of us were taller than him:) The bottles were part of the costume...not for drinking!

Apparently Ian didn`t get the memo that we were taking a serious picture.

Our 3 Cuban men:) They looked fantastic!

This is the El Jor˛n crew. Our two jungle boys, Joe as the lovely Joette and Jenna.

This is Mike. He was supposed to be some guy from Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, but I haven`t seen the movie so I didn`t get it. He was pretty funny though!

ĘTall PaulĘ badass gangsta!

Aanya looking adorable as usual.

Jenna and Joe again...he definitely won the prize of the night!