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More randomness

Location: Costa Rica

There is really no rhyme or reason for these pictures...just some random ones I found recently. Some are from Monteverde and some are from Halloween:)

Also Montezuma...the bar with the swing...could be the best thing ever!

Montezuma one of the first weekends we were here.

Pre-ziplining in Monteverde. It`s comforting to know we wore the helmets, right? Because if you fall 200 feet, those would really help!

The girls at Halloween.

Fun with silly faces...did you expect anything less??

Me coming in on one of the ziplines. Believe it or not, I am going really fast and the stopping at the end is the hardest part!

Pre Capitān Morenos!

Our tropical marine bio fieldtrip to Puerto Viejo...yes, we are working hard!

Saying hello to our friends back home...we miss you all:)

The ¨walking¨ shot from Panama!

Aanya and I on Halloween!