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Host Family and such

Location: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Pictures of my host family, house, and last days in the Punt.

My little sisters...The red shirt is Eiryn, she's 11, and the other is Alanny, she's 4.

My family's Christmas decorations. A little weird when you're so hot and laying on the beach in December!

Alanny...pretty typical look for her...she was a fireball!

Eiryn rocking my sunglasses.

My room....very blue, I know!

The rain in my backyard. The picture is fairly old, but I wanted to show that it really did rain like crazy!!

My host mom with the 3 kids on the ferry over to Tambor.

My host dad and little brother, Ekar.

My looking very purple on my last sunset in the Punt.

The entrance into my house.

All the girls at dinner on our last night.

Me and my sisters. One of their favorite pasttimes was hanging all over me:)