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More coff's Harbour

Location: East Coast, Australia

These girls are insane! I was having a nice normal behaved time touring this country till these girls came out here! Here are some more pictures of the antics of Maeve @ co. in Coff's Harbour. On our way back we stopped in Port Macquarie to benefit from the sun that alluded us in Coff's Harbour!

6 Jan 2006, 1:59PM

This brings us back to the good ole days in Terenure! Maeve did the cleaning them days but NO MORE I TELL YOU!

5 Jan 2006, 1:12PM

Ah Sunshine Port Macquarie, How do you do?

6 Jan 2006, 4:33PM

Creating Waves. This is the affect Lisa and Maeve leave on the place!

6 Jan 2006, 2:05PM

Lisa could get used to the backpacker lifestyle!

6 Jan 2006, 5:41PM


6 Jan 2006, 5:36PM

A bit of exercise. This killed us!

7 Jan 2006, 12:21AM

Would somebody bring this girl home!

6 Jan 2006, 10:22PM

I'm in control of Dennis (my lovely big car) but sometimes it's like he's in control of me!

7 Jan 2006, 10:11PM

Contrary to popular opinion, I can announce that Debbie drinks more tea than anything else in this country!

7 Jan 2006, 1:01PM

This is the real beach!

8 Jan 2006, 12:11AM

They love their rock in this country but nothing prepared them for these rockers!

7 Jan 2006, 10:18PM

This poor girl hasn't worked a day in five months. She's willingly unemployed but things are getting hard!