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The Blue Mountains Again!

Location: The Blue Mountains, Australia

I loved the Blue Mountains so much the first time that I went back with Maeve, Lisa, Robyn and Debbie. We had a blast. I had no camera and had to borrow some photos of Maeve! So if you don't like them you'll have to blame her!

11 Jan 2006, 3:07PM

This man saved my handbag. Noone took it. Jenny just decided to leave it behind her! Some things never change I can hear my mother sigh from here!

11 Jan 2006, 1:58PM

Any opportunity to perform!

12 Jan 2006, 1:54AM

The escaped convicts!

12 Jan 2006, 1:43AM

The boardwalk in the blue mountains. It really is beautiful! Lush green is less common than you think in this great continent!

12 Jan 2006, 2:00AM

I'm killed working!

12 Jan 2006, 1:55AM

This pair got out of an asylum!

12 Jan 2006, 5:16AM

Myself and Debbie parted temporarily. Not for long though. There'll probably be big tears next week when she goes to New Zealand.

12 Jan 2006, 2:06AM

Riding side saddle! She's a born jockey this one!