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Northern Thailand

Location: Northern Thailand, Thailand

Piccies from the Mae Hong Son and Golden Triangle Loop Drives..

15 Feb 2006, 6:05PM

16 Feb 2006, 4:30PM

paddies everywhere, and not just from mike

17 Feb 2006, 1:02AM


15 Feb 2006, 10:22PM

who's got right of way? its rush hour here

19 Feb 2006, 4:01PM

the house with the rustling bin, va va voom with the broken brakes...and mike

17 Feb 2006, 5:32PM

one of mike's pretty pics

19 Feb 2006, 11:24PM

the mekong delta on the border with laos

19 Feb 2006, 9:07PM

buddha - larger than life (although marginally smaller than the gold elephants here) at the golden triangle

21 Feb 2006, 7:48PM

20 Feb 2006, 7:19PM

finally there after 7 days of trecking...but I still can't see the shopping centre and spa mike promised was up here for me!

22 Feb 2006, 8:32PM

my culinary masterpieces..with chilli....