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Temples of Angkor

Location: Angkor Temples, Cambodia

These temples are amazing 0 take the breath away - the detail of carving and the sheer size is awe-inspiring considering it was all done by hand...including getting the stone here, although it sounds like elephants deserve some of the credit for that! These photos cant really do it justice, as it is so vast...

27 Feb 2006, 2:47PM

steps a bit steep

26 Feb 2006, 10:23PM

Angkor Wat, the main touristed temple (guess what, lots of japanese tour buses)

27 Feb 2006, 7:58PM

Bayon faces

27 Feb 2006, 7:41PM

The Bayon

27 Feb 2006, 2:14PM

Ta Prohm - nature winning here!

26 Feb 2006, 11:47PM

Sunset at Angkor Wat

27 Feb 2006, 1:53PM

27 Feb 2006, 12:47PM

27 Feb 2006, 7:43PM

Bayon - hundreds of faces if you look close enough

27 Feb 2006, 6:24PM

The detail on these tiny carvings are amazing - there are hundreds of these carvings on the temples and these were on the terrace of the leper king.

28 Feb 2006, 6:30PM

templed out.....

28 Feb 2006, 5:13PM

Bantreay Srei - the most detailed carvings were here