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siem reap

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Life in Siem Reap outside the temples..............

27 Feb 2006, 5:30PM

taking a well earned rest from work in his natural hammock

27 Feb 2006, 12:43PM

Sunrise with the children selling to make money for school.....

28 Feb 2006, 7:12PM

petrol sold by the bottle...

28 Feb 2006, 7:12PM

the local petrol station manager

28 Feb 2006, 7:36PM

A local school for children who cannot afford to pay..its run by charity..we spent a few hours here....

28 Feb 2006, 7:18PM

Even if you are not old enough to sit up or reach the handlebars - you just make a little hammock - everyone here rides bikes, and never just on their own! the most we have seen on a motorbike is 5!

28 Feb 2006, 8:16PM


28 Feb 2006, 8:14PM

mikes thinking of changing occupation - keep telling him that theres too much rain in wales to be a tuk tuk driver

28 Feb 2006, 9:33PM


28 Feb 2006, 8:50PM

the landmine museum - Cant believe we were unaware they are still planting landmines today....