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Phnom Penh (disturbing to see)

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Photos of this area - the orphanage we spent time at, and the indescribable El Choeuk Memorial Centre and S-21 prison...

2 Mar 2006, 4:05PM

Janny with her letter - she had excellent english and a wonderful personality and yet only 6 years of age..

2 Mar 2006, 4:14PM

The 23 orphans - all very friendly - a very humbling experience, we spent a few hours helping them to write a letter each in English about themselves...

2 Mar 2006, 2:53PM


2 Mar 2006, 3:57PM

This little boy constantly wanted cuddles and was really proud of his letter - he wanted to write about what he looked like...

1 Mar 2006, 10:04PM

The hurrendous makeshift cells at the S-21 prison where people were tortured and held before being sent to the killing fields...just cannot get our heads around this - in our lifetime, only happened in the 1970's...

2 Mar 2006, 2:43PM

Helping Rebecca and Beckham (thats what he says his name is anyway!)

1 Mar 2006, 9:37PM

..the Khmer Rouge kept documents of all the people killed and tortured here...these photos were only a few on display - it was just so incomprehensible - cant begin to explain how we were feeling walking around here...all the eyes seemed to stare at us..

1 Mar 2006, 9:40PM

This prison used to be a high school which made it all the more eerie and disturbing

1 Mar 2006, 7:49PM

some of the contents of the mass graves at El Chouek...some 3 million people were killed by the Khmer Rouge over their reign...

1 Mar 2006, 9:17PM

S21 torture rooms