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Mekong Delta

Location: Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Life on the river - messing about in boats , as Toad would say....

3 Mar 2006, 9:08PM

the friendly locals

3 Mar 2006, 9:04PM

can you believe the flood water gets that high?

4 Mar 2006, 1:19PM


3 Mar 2006, 9:22PM

see - they all really wear the hats - not just in the films..

4 Mar 2006, 2:23PM

chau doc - who are the town planners here?

4 Mar 2006, 1:31PM

our next conversion project!

5 Mar 2006, 12:44PM

the family home where we slept

5 Mar 2006, 1:08AM

the homestay dinner - thats mum next to mike - she was wonderful, the swiss guys who spoilt milka are on the left!

5 Mar 2006, 2:18PM

same same but different!

5 Mar 2006, 2:15PM

floating market where the women seem to do all the work!

5 Mar 2006, 2:21PM

mikes favourite - hes missing his roasties!