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Sucre to Coroico

Location: Bolivia

28 Apr 2006, 6:54PM

Country folk in town for the day.

28 Apr 2006, 6:28PM

The white city of Sucre

1 May 2006, 5:22PM

Pachamana, one of the original statues from the pre inca civilazations near La Paz.

28 Apr 2006, 7:01PM

One of the many churches of Sucre.

2 May 2006, 1:57PM

Freezing at the start of the Worlds Most Dangerous Road.

1 May 2006, 5:29PM

Views over La Paz

2 May 2006, 4:33PM

The Worlds Most Dangerous Road.

2 May 2006, 4:25PM

On the Road, with views over one of the many drops.

2 May 2006, 9:56PM

Coroico, the end of the Road.

2 May 2006, 5:52PM

Views from the road.