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Machu Picchu

Location: Peru

22 May 2006, 9:08AM

Some early views from the trail.

22 May 2006, 1:32AM

The group looking fit and fresh at the start of the Inka Trail.

23 May 2006, 7:35AM

The second nights campsite, above the clouds.

22 May 2006, 11:58AM

Still all alive - after the ascent of the Dead Womans Pass on the second day.

23 May 2006, 2:14PM

Winay Wayna, one of the many ruins passed on the trail.

23 May 2006, 9:24AM

Heading on up the trail, Sheena at the back as usual.

23 May 2006, 2:45PM

Sheena exploring the ruins, Winay Wayna.

23 May 2006, 2:27PM

Inca windows, Winay Wayna

24 May 2006, 9:41AM

The clouds lifting, Machu Picchu.

24 May 2006, 9:34AM

The end of the road, Machu Picchu.

24 May 2006, 10:36AM

A view across to Huayna Picchu (Young Mountain), Machu Picchu. The End!

24 May 2006, 10:02AM

The Sun Temple, Machu Picchu.