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Los Glaciares National Park

Location: Argentina

26 Feb 2006, 6:21PM

The even mightier Sheena.

26 Feb 2006, 4:04PM

The mighty Moreno Glacier.

2 Mar 2006, 11:34AM

Sheena makes it up for the dawn photo of the Fitz Roy, Rich slumbers on.

28 Feb 2006, 4:47PM

Rich trying not to freeze in the Fitz Roy Range.

4 Mar 2006, 12:34AM

Patagonian skies - the only exciting site on the drive along the plains of Ruta 40.

2 Mar 2006, 5:49PM

Rich and the ever hiding Fitz Roy peak.

6 Mar 2006, 4:20PM

A random village, somewhere along the Carratera Austral.

4 Mar 2006, 6:19PM

The beginning of the Carratera Austral - before the rains.