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Bariloche and Pucon

Location: Argentina

11 Mar 2006, 6:53PM

Sheena sporting a fine helmet on our bike ride around Bariloche.

10 Mar 2006, 8:00PM

Sheena and friends, with a view from the top of our hill in Bariloche.

15 Mar 2006, 11:26AM

Volcano Villarica, here we come (5.30 a.m), Pucon Chile.

13 Mar 2006, 2:21PM

Rich feeling stressed at the hectic La Morada Hostel, Bariloche.

15 Mar 2006, 3:23PM

Chased by the clouds as we race for the top, Volcano Villarica.

15 Mar 2006, 12:28PM

Rich sporting a finer helmet, sunrise at Volcano Villarica

17 Mar 2006, 3:00PM

Rich and our tent, Herquehue National Park, Pucon.

15 Mar 2006, 4:06PM

A break at the top, looking in to the crater of Volcano Villarica.

18 Mar 2006, 4:53PM

Views of the Herquehue National Park, Pucon.

17 Mar 2006, 7:46PM

Living the high life in the thermal pools after a hard days walk. Herquehue National Park, Pucon.

18 Mar 2006, 9:18PM

A view over to Volcano Villarica, which we had conquered a few days before. Herquehue National Park, Pucon.

18 Mar 2006, 5:51PM

Monkey Puzzle trees, Herquehue National Park, Pucon.