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Mendoza to Iguazu

Location: Argentina

22 Mar 2006, 8:31PM


22 Mar 2006, 8:27PM


25 Mar 2006, 5:26PM

The colourful streets of La Boca, Buenos Aires.

22 Mar 2006, 8:50PM

Plonker and his Plonk, Mendoza, wine capital of South America.

27 Mar 2006, 3:12PM

The Devils Throat, one of the many Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

25 Mar 2006, 9:03PM

It takes two to Tango, the streets of San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

27 Mar 2006, 3:45PM

And more, this time with the bonus of a rainbow. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

27 Mar 2006, 3:17PM

More water! Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

27 Mar 2006, 8:40PM

Standing over the Devils Throat after a real soaking from the spray. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

27 Mar 2006, 4:16PM

Yet more water. Iguazu Falls, Argentina.

28 Mar 2006, 5:27PM

A view of one of the falls, Brazil.

28 Mar 2006, 4:44PM

One of the many begging coatis that chased Rich for his biscuits - you should have seen Rich run, Iguazu Falls, Brazil.