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Bolivia South West 1

Location: Bolivia

3 Apr 2006, 6:40PM

Rawhide - Sheena grimaces after a gallop on Tonto, near Tupiza

3 Apr 2006, 4:25PM

Ouch! Rich near Tupiza.

3 Apr 2006, 8:41PM

View from the top of the hill, before we started the hour long descent on our bikes, near Tupiza.

3 Apr 2006, 6:50PM

Heading for the hills, near Tupiza.

4 Apr 2006, 5:39PM

A cute llama, and very tasty according to Sheena.

3 Apr 2006, 10:40PM

Sheena out shopping, Tupiza.

4 Apr 2006, 10:49PM

Oops! Remembering Mongolia, South West Circuit.

4 Apr 2006, 9:42PM

Landscapes of the South West circuit.

5 Apr 2006, 1:30PM

Heading over a snow covered pass, South West Circuit.

5 Apr 2006, 11:47AM

Worth the 5.00am start, South West Circuit.

5 Apr 2006, 4:33PM

Reflections, South West Circuit.