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Potosi Mines

Location: Bolivia

11 Apr 2006, 2:58PM

Rich and Sheena out shopping, the miners market, Potosi.

11 Apr 2006, 2:43PM

Yes - that is dynamite! The miners market, Potosi.

11 Apr 2006, 5:04PM

Sheena and friends getting ready to enter the mine, Potosi.

11 Apr 2006, 4:36PM

The Cerro Rico rich mountain, our home for 3 hours, Potosi Mines.

11 Apr 2006, 5:32PM

That feared pirate who stole the Potosi silver, Sir Francis Drake, complete with eye patch and hook, Potosi Mines museum.

11 Apr 2006, 5:17PM

Not yet though - make way for the hand pushed waggon, Potosi Mines.