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Black Mountain Hike

Hiking in the snow - what you do if you don't have snow shoes!

Iciclecovered moss.

Easy hiking... steep, snow covered boulders.

Sunset at 12:30pm - not quite but nearly.

Flint, an aussie mate, looks down over Howe sound. The pacific and the snow in one photo. We're not in SYdney anymore Toto.

Tim gets into it.

Looking down on Vancouver - behind the reflections of the colours in the sky.

He drops through past the waist... and feet into a stream. Cold wet boots.

Nick gets deeper into it... until..

Walking in a winter wonderland.

And the only way across is the commando crawl.

Its a real christmas tree field here. Pushing through beautiful dry powder... can't wait to ski!

On the way down... looking towards Vancouver island.