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Snow Camping!

The mission for the over night snow camp on top of Seymour... in a snow cave!

The sun comes out at last... and Flint is happy. We got up here in a whiteout with no trails - but we got here.

Flint - Australian adventurer and taker of mountain safety courses.

No skis, only snow shoes. But we do have a shovel to ride.... yeehaw

More snow covered mountains.

Me digging out the snow cave. You have to pile a mass of snow - pack it down, leave it to harden for a few hours, then dig it out.

A breaking snow wave...

And by night... vancouver twinkled away.

A small entrance tunnel in for about 2 metres... you crawl up in to the cave.

And the spacious and cosy interior! 3 metres across, 1.5 high, smoothed out roof and walls. Excellent!

The blue light from the inside looking out. Blocked by powder snow in the morning. We got about three to four foot of snow during the night.

A view of vancouver, is beautiful when the sun is out. The mountains in the distance are on Vancouver Island.

A dodgy stitch of photos - inside the cave, with the entrance, breathe holes, gear and stuff.