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Fernie and Bits

A very poor showing of photos from Fernie. Tim had the camera and then sprained his ankle, so not much got taken, not even a photo of Melfly our host!

Out to dinner with Russel, a friend of ours. Yes we really are that white - its winter here. The curly hair has since been removed too.

Out the front of our house, vancouver in snow... cool!

The streets of Fernie looking towards the resort. Crazy walking and driving on this stuff. 30cm a day being dumped...

Out the window of Mel and Lous pad in Fernie. Not a bad view!

Felix the terror cat. He owns the house we stayed in, and has a split personality and some issues to work through. Fetches when you throw, can climb anything, rip you apart or love you. 1 year old and HUGE!

Tim models his nice new red jacket, and a pair of crutches. Nice on geezer, you should have skied instead.