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Tofino and Van Islnd

The final farewell to Canada. With Russel and Morghan and a maritimer visitor Alana.

6 Feb 2004, 6:34PM

Sunset on the beach at our campsite in Tofino.

4 Feb 2004, 4:47PM

In Goldstream Provincial park. It wasn't very big, and we walked all the trails in a day. It's rainforest here, just different to aussie rainforest!

7 Feb 2004, 2:31PM

Russel meets tree...

7 Feb 2004, 2:29PM

The gand on a walk - Alana, Russel and Morghan. Some of my Canadian friends!

8 Feb 2004, 3:27PM

and shines on a spiders web.

7 Feb 2004, 3:16PM

Sunlight enters the forest..

Standing on the wild coast of Tofino area. Ucluelet actually. Bald Eagles everywhere here too!

8 Feb 2004, 3:31PM

Some of the life we saw. Only because there was no animals for some reason.

11 Feb 2004, 12:43PM

Coming into Sydney. The sun, which did also farewell me in Vancouver which was nice.

The town of Tofino has a nice view...

Big Trees in Cathedral grove on the way to Tofino. Up to 71m high!

Russel and Morghan give som eperspecive to the tree size.