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The land of open skies - plains, horses and friendly people. We loved it.

Sunset on the snow cyrstals.

Off road in the mini van out to our Ger in the middle of nowhere. No one owns the land in Mongolia.

Our Ger - toasty warm. The girls next door got theirs up to 50 degrees C!

Is that a yeti? No its Mark the Kiwi with moon rising behind him.

Mardi Gras darlings? Jas's eyelashes got a bit iced up being outside for a few hours.

Off the scale outside the Ger - this thermometer couldn't hack it. -30? Meanwhile there were a few thermal underwear snow runs happening.

My beard was frozen.

A young Chengis Khan at the ger canmp we visited of real traditional herdsman.

Our guide Ghans with the local dog, and our horses in the background.

The crazy old guy who lives with is wife in the Ger. He put on such a show as he loved having visitors. We had yoghurt, snuff, some milk cake thing, and Mongolian tea.

The gang fly across the steppe - note nothing in the background - nothing anywhere.

Jason on his horse.