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Mongolia - Beijing

More of Mongolia - some of Beijing!

Bernie (another kiwi) jumped beautifully into our Igloo. Mark (the other kiwi) destroyed before the photo! Here are the remains.

This photo was between Ulan Ude and Mongolia. It is of some of the weird stash that they were smuggling.

A horses skull mounted on a stick. As you do...

Full moon rise over the Steppe.

Mongolian throat singing man with his horses head (the instrument!). These guys are amazing.

Strange Gerings on. Something to do with many bottles of Vodka, beer, Mongolian wine?

Welcome to China. Thsi guy was peering at us from the engine of another train. Scared the living shit out of us - we still have nightmares.

The train heads south towards China through the Gobi desert.

Maos picture on the first gate towards the Forbidden city from Tianenman Square.

First glimpse of the great wall as we passed through it.

Jason eats snake. He and Stuart ate fried snake - yum yum.

Lots of Bicycle action here. They are faultless in accidents, can run lights, have full lanes to themselves, paradise.