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London Week 1

Location: London, UK

First week in London before school started. Amidst the stress and frustration of flat hunting, I was still able to do some sightseeing and gather with friends at night. London has been such a great experience so far!

Walking down an alley from Covent Garden to Leicester Square

Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden

Gathering at a pub with our program director and some of my good friends.

The Churchill Arms - The most random combo of English pub and Thai food! But it works.. And it's seriously some of the best Thai food I've ever tasted!

Dinner at Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant near our flat.

My flatmates, Christy, Kelly, and Becca, lookin' hot! =D ..

Becca playing life-sized Jenga at The Notting Hill Arts Club -- this mellow, artsy, lounge playing live interesting (to say the least) music.

Me and Becca at Waxy O'Connor's - a pub tucked away in Soho/Chinatown area of London

Balcony in our living room that overlooks the street. We live 2 floors above a cute cafe with outdoor seating! I LOVE IT! =D

Another pic of Becca and me out with friends. Earlier that night, we dressed up as "Euro trash" but quickly changed after realizing that no one else was going to play along...

Another view from our living room window.

View from our living room window.