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London Update 2

Location: UK

Hammersmith along the Thames River--where the film "Sliding Doors" was supposedly filmed.. =) I finally got the chance to meet Karly, sister of Karmen (Wendy's friend), here. Hopefully, I'll get together with her again!

Christy and me on a tour of Parliament

My roommates and I took a weekend trip to the city of Bath to see the Roman baths. The city is so cute!

A bunch of us celebrating Marti's birthday (sitting 2nd to the left on the bottom row). Her husband next to her is planning to run the marathon in Greece in November!

This is a picture of our looney tour guide of Bath and Stonehenge. Sitting next to her was another crazy lady---Becca said she was like a female version of Milton from Office Space.

Me, Becca, Christy, and Kelly at Bath. We were like walking zombies on this tour after staying out really late the night before.

Mmmm--a cook serving up jerk chicken, rice, beans and plantains at the Notting Hill Carnival!

Me at Stonehenge

The Notting Hill Carnival is supposedly the largest carnival of its kind in Europe--second to Rio's Carnaval in Brazil! It was two days of celebration where the street below our flat was closed off for the parade route, loud music, good food, and drunk party-ers to pass by!

Type of elaborate costumes that paraded down our street during the Notting Hill Carnival. The parade passed right by our flat, so we got the best view from our balcony!

Becca, Kelly, and I at a place called Cheers--"where everybody knows your name..." =) They played really good music that night--from oldies, to rock, pop, and hip-hop!!

My first London musical: Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Woman in White." While the music was good, the story itself was kinda eerie... at one point, I even jumped out of my seat and screamed a little! .. =P haha..