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Unexpected Trip to Darwin

Location: Darwin, Australia

Surprise party at Palmerston Golf Club
Various scenes Fannie Bay and East Point

20 May 2006, 7:38PM

Can't see me. [ Oh yeah]

20 May 2006, 8:00PM

Family Group.

Birthday Boy with Caricature.
Black spot on head says 70

20 May 2006, 6:41PM

Friends for 52 years

22 May 2006, 12:01PM

View from Musuem Restuarant Fannie Bay

22 May 2006, 3:57PM

Ladies at East Point Reserve Darwin

20 May 2006, 8:22PM

Helping Grandad blow out the Candles

22 May 2006, 2:57PM

Mindil Beach to Myilly Point Darwin

East Point Darwin

22 May 2006, 3:01PM

Getting feet wet Arafura Sea.