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41 St Johann, Austria

Location: St Johann, Austria

We had a relaxing couple of days in the Tirol region of Austria, in a cute village called St Johann

We hadn't put up a greencard shot in a while so here is one!

Us at the 666 Devils Party...we had to improvise for costumes with things purchased along the way. L-R is Grant, Rebecca, me, Mick and Chandra

The Aussie contingent from our tour...there were a few of us!

Cassy (the trainee tour guide along for the ride on our trip), Jimmy (our bus driver) and Mick at the 666 party

Me in St Johann

Mick in St Johann

We took a gondola ride as far up as we could go

Nice views from the town centre

More views

Views from the top

We were a long way from home!

Kaiser Wilder...the highest point in the Austrian Alps