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Location: Egypt

And a few more...

26 Jun 2006, 6:18AM

Mick at the entrance to one of the tombs at the Valley of the Kings

26 Jun 2006, 4:21AM

I dwarf Smokey! I thought his skinny legs wouldnt hold up for the 7km but he was fine.

26 Jun 2006, 7:20AM

The temple of Queen Hatshepsut

26 Jun 2006, 6:24AM

Mick at the Valley of the Kings

26 Jun 2006, 2:06PM

More street markets in Luxor

26 Jun 2006, 2:00PM

Cruising the streets of Luxor, this is the view from our horse and carriage

27 Jun 2006, 12:51PM

The view of Cairo from the Citadel

26 Jun 2006, 4:32PM

Sunset over the Nile.

27 Jun 2006, 12:56PM

The Mosque at the Citadel