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Spain & Portugal

Location: Madrid Granada Seville Lisbon, Spain

Here are a few more Spain snaps, the final one is moving into Portugal

14 Jul 2006, 11:21AM

The was right near our Hostel!

14 Jul 2006, 11:00AM

More Madrid sightseeing by bus

16 Jul 2006, 10:13AM

Me at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

14 Jul 2006, 1:47PM

Us in Madrid chilling out in one of the nice gardens by the Palace

16 Jul 2006, 10:42AM

Looking over the central courtyard at the Alhambra

16 Jul 2006, 10:31AM


16 Jul 2006, 12:35PM

Water gardens, Alhambra

16 Jul 2006, 11:42AM

Pretty gardens, Alhambra

17 Jul 2006, 8:41AM

Me at the Seville Bullring

17 Jul 2006, 8:37AM

Mick at the Seville Bullring

18 Jul 2006, 9:18AM

On to Portugal...Mick near the waterfront (not sure what this statue is...we did not care after an horrendous overnight bus and hardly any sleep!)

17 Jul 2006, 10:10AM

Seville Cathedral - such a big, beautiful building