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Portugal, Paris

Location: Portugal, Paris, Portugal

Here are a few more snaps from Lisbon, Portugal, followed by some photos from our weekend in Paris with Bec and Roger

18 Jul 2006, 11:12AM

Mick at St George's Castle, Lisbon

18 Jul 2006, 11:05AM

Me at St George's Castle, Lisbon

18 Jul 2006, 12:34PM

Trams in miniature! Lisbon.

18 Jul 2006, 11:16AM

St George's Castle

19 Jul 2006, 11:18AM

The Cable Car in action

19 Jul 2006, 11:13AM

Lisbon, riding the cable car at the redeveloped waterfront in Lisbon, the site of the World Expo 1998

22 Jul 2006, 10:06AM

Le Tour Eiffel from the ferris wheel

22 Jul 2006, 10:04AM

Mick on the ferris wheel in Paris (Louvre in background)

22 Jul 2006, 2:20PM

Me and Bec at the Arc di Triomph

22 Jul 2006, 10:09AM

Bec and Rog in the Ferris Wheel!

23 Jul 2006, 11:26AM

Us waiting for the cyclists to arrive at the Champs Elysee, Paris

22 Jul 2006, 7:58PM

The Eiffel Tower sparkles at night