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london, ireland

Location: UK

same again

changing of the gaurd, at buckingham palace

shane on petes right is a house mate,and mick on the far right used to be

girls on st patricks day in dublin, early photos not so messy.

shane and simone, peter nocked his tooth out because petes a tough bugger

lovely early day photo

an u16 hurling match we stumbled across on the country road.

getting there, im almost about to really have fun. love the guinness.

kissing the blarney stone that supposebly gives you the gift of the gab. kevy must have one out the farm

Brad trying to have a hit of the ball. good fun just giving the up and coming kids some tips and advice

its a cave, dunno what to say, its just a cave.....

at the top of blarney castle where the stone is