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La Vida Workman

Location: New York City, USA

A midweek e-mail alert prompted New York's young gliteratti to come shine with the baddest bitch to ever come out of Colgate. Summoned by the bumping and grinding of one enticing little Asian (and rumored former Workman paramour), everyone who gave an eff about glamour and excess paid heed to the call of the wild and shook a tailfeather at East Village boite Tribe. Glasses were raised, hips were tossed, and confessions spilled on the dancefloor til 6 in the morning - All in honor of my dear friend Anne, the illest chocha in the game. Love you MAMA.


Chocha and chichi...don't be mad at how we live.

The future of PR never looked so hot.

F--- whatcha heard, Mischa Barton and La Lohan are like, B - effin- F.

DP with publishing power-red head and the current first lady of the Mets, Miss Erin Roh-Wright.

PGPR execs came by to cheer on Anne on her special day.

Jenny does Foote-ball.

Notice the halo surrounding Stan: You earn that when you live with La Workman and can still manage to smile.

We ride, we grind, we smile.

Air shot and air kisses.

Business hours to the left, after hours to the right.

The voice of reason on Anurag checked in to smile for our camera.