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I Heart BA

Location: USA

Botanical Gardens

Avenida del Libertador

The Revolution continues in the Plaza Italia...images of Che were everywhere, from stencil graffiti on buildings to street protests such as this.

BsAs Metro

The Evita museum is a converted boarding house for the unemployed that her holiness housed people in while the government found them work. Everything from the bed linens to the doorknobs to the spoons in this place, preserved from the 1950s, has her image on it.

Susana Jimenez is to Argentina what Paris Hilton will become to America in another 30 years. The blonde cut out to my left was a soap opera "actress" but is more famous for the men she dates, and gets beat by, thrown out of windows by, gets plastic surgery by, than for her tawdry little TV show. She is on the cover of every gossip magazine in the country and I had the pleasure of oggling her for real at the Faena Hotel on our last night in the city.

Mansions in Palermo.

Chelsea or BA?

Avenida 9 de Julio at night.

The requisite tango show.