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Gaucho Country

Location: San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

Two and half hours south of BA, in the middle of the pampas, is a quaint little town called San Antonio de Areco. Beautiful little homes flank an old sqaure...there's money in these parts, as evidenced by the many estancias (ranches) that support the local economy.

San Antonio de Areco Church

Slums of BA right by the Retiro bus station.

Dreamy gaucho.

Gauchos do the darndest things.

James refuses to buy me anything shiny in the gift shops.

Brokeback Mountain!! Or, as the title reads in Spanish, "Secreto en la Montana" (Secret on the Mountain)

Even Pam gets the blues.

Mushroom cloud.

Cherub and a statue to the rogue Irishman who founded San Antonio de Areco and the Argentine Navy.