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So Rio

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

More pics taken by the de-lovely Pam.

Come to think of it, I actually miss Rio now. Or maybe it's the snow outside here in NY that's tickled me nostalgic.

Botafogo by night, as seen from Sugar Loaf.

Bam! Now that's a sunset.

Ham and cheese sandwiches, cairprinhas, and pleasant conversation with our vendor friend on the beach in Ipanema.

Birfday bitches say YEAHHH! Hi Bob...

Sugar Loaf as seen by Christ.

Once fans caught wind of my presence in Rio I was obliged to sing a few tunes for the patrons of The Palaca Churrascaria in Copacabana.

Pam and Jimes at night on Sugar Loaf.

We left just as the Spring Break crowd trickled in.

Jump off this ramp...

Would you like some of the cake?

Copacabana beach.

...on an icaro, like Jimes.