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Missing Buenos Aires because..

Location: USA

More pics from Pam -- I haven't been able to stop thinking about BA since I left. Am scheming a way to return...

A statue in front of La Casa Rosada.

This is La Casa Rosada...the balcony to the left of the big arch is where Evita would address the people from.

"Here lie the remains of Jose de San Martin and the Unknown Soldier of Indpendence - Salute Them!" Interesting fact: this building is across the street from the Casa Rosada. The honor guard stands under the arch at the house and then during the changing of the guards they wait for the light to change and they march, among passerby, to this monument where San Martin is buried. They stand there, rinse, and repeat.

This is where Jose De San Martin, the man who liberated Argentina from Spain, is buried. Very Napoleonic.


Obelisk by day.

Old subway car in BA -- still functioning.

Entrance to Recoleta Cemetery.

Pigeons on a train.

Balcony in San Telmo.

No, you guys can keep him, we wouldnt mind at all.

Vince and I conspiring...