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Location: New Zealand

South Island: Skiing and Glacier Walk.....oh and we saw some penguins..

24 Aug 2006, 10:57AM

Emma the professional skier!!

19 Aug 2006, 4:33PM

At the penguin photos of actual penguins allowed!!

24 Aug 2006, 1:41PM

oops..maybe not!

24 Aug 2006, 11:10AM

And again looking like i know what im doing....

24 Aug 2006, 3:31PM

Kate on her blades!! Now she was defo more professional than me!! i cant go that fast!

24 Aug 2006, 11:55AM

View of valley below

26 Aug 2006, 3:52PM

26 Aug 2006, 3:52PM

Beautiful New Zealand

29 Aug 2006, 11:57AM

On the ice

29 Aug 2006, 9:52AM

Start of our glacier walk...13km to go!!

29 Aug 2006, 11:53AM

After this photo our camera decided to go for a swim in one of the lovely icy puddles. End of camera and end of glacier photos!!we had only started the climb!